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Your job is running your business. You shouldn't have to worry about payment processing or keeping up with the latest technology. That's our job. We make sure your electronic payment systems run securely and simply every day.


With a CardPlus® Empower Merchant Service account, you get access to the latest, most user-friendly and reliable payment solutions available.


We know one size does not fit all. That's why we feature payments for every business need, whether it's point-of-sale systems like Clover® or Exatouch®, mobile, or a payment terminal with the latest security features - including accepting credit and debit cards with EMV chips. 

CardPlus® Empower offers only-best-in-class POS tablet solution. Our next generation systems radically simplify your business. Cloud-based platforms allow you to remotely manage your business - track inventory, view sales and manage employees.


Turn On The Empower payment processing.

Features: Poynt Smart Terminal
Poynt SmartTerminal Features
Poynt SmartTerminal Features (back)
Poynt Smart Termina Tableside
Poynt 5 Mobile Terminal
Poynt 5 Mobile Terminal Features
Poynt 5 Overview
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