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"You are not alone in finding it difficult to get fast flexible payment processing options. And that can make all the difference in empowering customers to buy. Our 10 Advantages help small and medium-size merchants find options that Turn The Empower On and turn customers into clients." 

                                                              ~ Ferne Glemby 

                                                                 President, CardPlusEmpower LLC

Photo of Ferne Glemby.

Ferne Glemby

has been a Business Development and Merchant Solutions Specialist for over 20 years. She helps business owners run their business more profitably by offering smarter and flexible financing and innovative yet simple payment processing options. As both an entrepreneur and business owner, Ferne knows what it takes to start, operate and grow a successful business. She brings not only financial smarts but sales and marketing knowledge and expertise to every client’s business. 

Photo of Chris Noyes

Chris Noyes

is the Director of Sales for the CardPlus® Empower Program in alternative customer financing.  Chris has over 20 years of senior level experience in sales development. He works side-by-side with small and mid-size business owners in helping them to find the right financing options customized to their needs. 


CardPlus® Empower is dedicated to one simple idea: To guide our customers smoothly and profitably through the complex world of financing, credit card, and payment solution systems.


Personal service is our mission - and our difference. At CardPlus® Empower you don’t fall into a template. We create a template to make everything work for you.


Our mission is to bring you the benefits of our 26 years of experience and three business-building advantages:

1. Leverage - Our key relationships with the best and most innovative consumer and business payment service providers in the country.

2. Efficiency - The latest, smartest and easiest to use technology.

3. Integrity - Transparency and honesty in every transaction.

Helping business navigate their payment needs since 1996.

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