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Photo of a glassine envelop full of shredded money

If you are still paying credit card fees, you might as well

SHRED  your money!

The processing fee that comes with every credit card transaction shreds your profits and add up to one big monthly bill.


Now there is a better option; one that will keep those fees in your pocket. It’s called PayLo from CardPlus® Empower, and it’s the first legally-patented cash discount technology designed to help you save on credit card processing costs.


Instead of being charged processing fees, you will collect them from your customers in the form of a small service fee that can be flat or percentage-based.


  • Merchants will see bank processing fees disappear

  • Now legal in every state

  • See a REVOLUTION in credit card sales and profit


Watch our video to find out what credit card companies don't want you to know

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See how much YOU can save in processing fees!

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