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We can save you thousands

Each transaction fee adds up quickly, and when you're not the one paying, that means thousands in savings this year.


The CardPlus® PayLo Cash Discount Program lets your customers pay card processing fees. The Cash Discount allows you to add a service fee as a line item at the checkout terminal. Your cash customers know they are saving. 


How Much Can You Save?

Calculate your savings with the PayLo Calculator on the right.


How To Use the PayLo Calculator

You can get the information you need from your latest Credit Card Processing Statement.


1. Fill in the amounts for the following: 


  • Monthly Processing Volume: Enter the amount ($) you normally receive in credit card sales per month.

  • Monthly Transaction Count: The average number of credit card sales per month.

  • Current Monthly Processing Fees: The amount ($) you normally pay in credit card processing fees per month.


2. Click on the "CALCULATE" button.


3. The amount you will save per month and per year are shown in the bright green box:

  • Total Monthly Savings

  • Total Annual Savings

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