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  • Many customers want to purchase your large ticket product or service but not pay for it all at one sitting. They can either opt for small monthly payments or can simply go down the street to a company or doctor that does offer financing.

  • In a business where your product is crucial to protect your customer's assets or health, financing can protect their primary investment, home or property.

  • Medical and dental practices can gain the ability to offer financing options to their patients, in-house. This allows a loan approval instantly, and a solid appointment.

  • Today our lenders are able to approve your customers/patients with damaged credit (unheard of with much of the competition).

  • 10 Empower Advantages includes money directly deposited into your business account within 2 days or sooner and will not be charged set-up fees or monthly fees.

  • Let us show you how fast and easy it is, and find out which program best suits your company's needs.


Hand holding a pen reviewing business data.

1. The difference between "0% Interest" and No Interest,

    Same As Cash (SAC)" Loans


The 0% APR deal is usually used by credit card companies for balance transfers or purchase on a new credit card. During the promotion period, you are required to pay minimum payments, say 2% of your outstanding balance. After the promotion ends, if you still owe a balance, you start paying interest on that balance at the regular credit card rate.


The "same as cash" deal is usually offered by a retail store credit card. You make minimum payments during the promotion period, same as in the "0% APR" deal. At the end of the promotion period, you pay retroactive interest from the very beginning, at the rate often 20% or higher.


2. What "No Recourse to You" really means 

No recourse to you means when your customer accepts the loan, they are fully responsible for payment. Your company/practice will not be held liable for non-payment.


3.Making financing less complicated and expensive 

New technologies simplify the entire process and make total access available from any device. In addition,CardPlus® Empower lenders offer interest rates to your customers far better than the average "established" banks.


5. Avoiding negative credit affect by applying for financing

We use what is called a "soft pull" on your credit. If not accepted there will be absolutely no effect on credit.


We take the mystery out of money:

CardPlus® Empower brings 20 years of trust and light years of sophisticated in next-generation customer finance processing. We offer a choice of leading options. We specialize in serving small business home contracting, medical, dental and cosmetic surgery practices.

We know where the money is:

CardPlus® Empower knows the right source of customer options.​​ Where alternative finance options can make the most sense.


  • Where the best capital options are that are easily overlooked

  • Where there are no hidden surprises in interest, fees and charges 

      (Never included in CardPlus®  Empower services)



You don’t want to be in the finance business but it is a basic tool to make more sales. The option of paying a small monthly fee is powerful not only to make the sale but to “upsize” the purchase. It is fundamental that if you don’t offer the best financing your competition will.


Empower Financial Advantages:

  • Nothing to purchase

  • No monthly fees or application fees

  • Instant credit decisions. On approval, you can close the deal or set up a follow-up appointment.

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