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Credit Card Processing Fees

The CardPlus® Empower Merchant Service account does it all: Electronic payment solutions that include the Cash Discount Program and an end to credit card processing costs!

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Process fees go down, 
your bottom line goes
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You love your business. What you don't love is the processing fee that comes with every credit card transaction; chipping away at your profits and adding up to one big monthly bill.


Now there's a better option; one that will keep those fees in your pocket. It's called PayLo from CardPlus® Empower. 


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Someone is going to pay Credit Card FEES.

It doesn't have to be YOU!

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CardPlus® Empower is dedicated to one simple idea: To guide our customers smoothly and profitably through the complex world of financing, credit card, and payment solution systems. 

Personal service is our mission - and our difference. At CardPlus® Empower you don’t fall into a template. We create a template to make everything work for you. 


Our mission is to bring you the benefits of our 26 years of experience and three business-building advantages.

1. Leverage - Our key relationships with the best and most innovative consumer and business lenders in the country.

2. Efficiency - The latest, smartest and easiest to use technology.

3. Integrity - Transparency and honesty in every transaction

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“You are not alone in finding it difficult

to get fast, flexible, and affordable payment options..."

Ferne Glemby, President: CardPlus® Empower LLC


Merchant Services and Cash Discount Program

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CardPlus® has given us the luxury of credit card processing that is smart, reliable, and looks great on our bottom line.


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Ferne’s credit card processing helped us win business not dependent on insurance payments alone.  READ MORE . . . 

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We are Balloons by Raquel, and the big savings on credit card processing are by CardPlus®.  READ MORE . . .


Facts and basic information on financing, lending to increase sales. 


Easy to use customer payment systems.


Federal and state laws now permit merchants to offer cash discounts to their customers, or have those who still prefer to use credit cards pay a small fee for the convenience. 




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Serving New Jersey and the NYC Tri-State Area

since 1996.

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